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Acerca de Cristina Aldehuela

Spanish photojournalist. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Journalism at University of Sevilla and she obtained a MA in Photojournalism at Autonomous University of Barcelona. She began her photographic career in 2009 at university when she founded a photographic collective. She has worked as a journalist in Diario de Sevilla, a local newspaper from Sevilla, but since 2013 she only works as a freelance photographer. "Photography is my way to see the world, to perceive the emotions that spring up around it". She has traveled to many countries seeking those little individual stories than narrate us the transformation of a society. Her work has focused mainly on Balkans and Caucasus, where she has worked on long projects. AWARDS - Photon-Novel Authors 2015 finalist -2nd place Sports Picture Story POYi 2015 -DESENCAJA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2014 Finalist, Spain -Honor Mention IPA AWARDS. Traditions and Culture. 2014 -Bakclight Photo Festival 2014 Finalist, Finland -DESENCAJA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2013 Finalist, Spain EXHIBITIONS -2009, La cultura sin precio. SEVILLAFOTO09, Sevilla, Spain -2014, Los años que nos tocan vivir. DESENCAJA, Almeria, Spain -2015, In your honor, DESENCAJA, Almeria, Spain
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